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Most Recent Reviews

Alfonso's Pizza & Restaurant

Why no food to sell?

My wife and I went to Alfonso's for dinner Sunday afternoon. At first, we ordered Calamari for an appetizer. The waitress told us that were out of this item. So, we decided to skip an appetizer and order our main meal. I ordered the Walleye dinner and my wife ordered a veal dish. She also stated that she wanted her salad without onions. The waitress thanked us for our order and then came back to the table informing us that they were out of Walleye. I then ordered the BBQ ribs. Again, the waitress left and came back informing us that they did not have any BBQ ribs. At this time, a little frustrated, I just ordered an appetizer of mussels for my dinner. My wife received her salad which had onions on it! (She is allergic to onions) She removed the onions and began to eat her salad. After she ate approximately two-thirds of her salad the waitress came back to the table and stated that they were also out of veal. Are you kidding me???? How can a restaurant stay in business when they donít have any food in the kitchen?

posted: North Royalton , 12/23/2013

Boneyard Bar, The

Rude Owner Ruins Halloween

It was very crowded for the halloween party and we wanted to sit down and we noticed the mgr moving a reserved sign from one table to another. I asked if we could sit at the vacated table and he said yes. He mentioned the table he was reserving was for the owner. So we sat at the vacated table. A little while later an irate woman comes up to the table yelling at us telling us the table was reserved and we needed to move. She was slamming her drink down and acting very much like a spoiled brat. We tried to explain the situation and that her table had been moved but she wouldn't listen and kept yelling. The mgr came up, showed her and apparently the owner where they were to sit. No apology, no "oops my bad" nothing from anyone, even the mgr. my friend goes up to the couple a bit later and says how rude the whole thing was and how we all deserve an apology and is that how you show good customer service. The owner pretty much said he didn't care if my friend and her little friends never came back (in apparently more interesting language). The girl started her tirade all over again. I couldn't believe an owner could be so rude and dismissive of the people who put money in his pocket.

posted: Sarah K , 10/27/2013


when down hill

This bar used to be a fun mixed club that you could have fun drinking and dancing however, not any more they only play rap music, its a punch palace police there almost every weekend and the crown is no longer mixed.. a lit of underage girls drinking..another good club going to be closed down because it when to crap.

posted: brooklyn, Ohio , 8/25/2013

Featured Venues

Ohio City Burrito

1844 West 25th Street
Cleveland, Ohio44113

Ohio City Burrito on West 25th offers a delicious variety of affordable Mexican food, in a fun & friendly environment!

Winking Lizard Tavern- Brunswick

3634 Center Road
Brunswick, Ohio44212

House of Blues

301 Euclid Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio44114

House of Blues Cleveland is located in Downtown Cleveland in the Gateway District on East 4th between Progressive Field and Public Square. House of Blues is part dining and restaurant / bar experience, part intimate live music and mid size concert venue and part entertainment and banquet venue. House of Blues is directly across the street from the Pickwick and Frolic entertainment complex.

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